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The First International Conference on Women and Urban Life (WUL) 11-12 December 2016

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It is a pleasure to invite you to the First International Conference on Women and Urban Life (WUL). The conference is organized by Deputy Office of Women’s Affairs- Tehran Municipality in cooperation with the Urban Planning and Research Center of Tehran and will take place in Tehran, Iran on 11-12 December 2016.

Mission of Deputy Office of Women’s Affairs – Tehran Municipality is to establish, foster and stabilize organizational structures related to women’s affairs in Tehran Municipality.

The Urban Planning and Research Center of Tehran has directed its efforts to provide incentive for elites and interaction with the internal and external observers and scholars.

Together, they share a commitment to Women and Urban Life as an important and sensitive issue to study in order to improve women’s life throughout the world.

Participating in the WUL Conference will provide you with a great opportunity to interact with innovative, high impact leaders of global, national and local women’s studies and motivated by great speakers, each leader in their own corner of the women’s studies.
The theme of the First International Conference on Women and Urban Life (WUL) will be Women and Urban Lifeand topics of interest are as following:


1.     Women: Public Places & Urban Vitality

2.     Women: Family & Urban Health

3.     Women: Social Capitals & Sustainable Development

4.     Women: Social Safety & Vulnerability of Urban Life

5.     Women: Education & Citizenship Rights

6.     Women: Urban Management & Planning

7.     Women: Empowerment & Social Justice

8.     Women: Urban Culture & Novel Communicational Technology

9.     Women: Environmental & Behavioral Considerations


10. Women: Ecological Environment & Urban Life

For general information please visit our website:



Important Dates
Deadline for abstract submission: August 5th 2016
Deadline for final paper submission: November 5th 2016

For any inquiries regarding the program and all general inquiries, please contact: 


We enthusiastically look forward to visit you at the First International Conference on Women and Urban Life (WUL) in Tehran.

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